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FB and Twitter

I too am joining the chorus of people who do not wish to be cross-posted to facebook and twitter. I go to a lot of effort to keep my fandom life and real life separate and will be majorly pissed off if I'm cross-posted without my permission.

This has actually found me considering a complete move to Dreamwidth.

ETA: I just noticed that the 'Share This' button at the bottom of the page doesn't appear on locked posts. Since everything I post is friend locked I'm safe.


I have a "fake" Facebook account for testing at work, so I went ahead and did some testing on this if you're interested. End result is that it;s not as bad as initially feared, but I know I'd still prefer people not to repost.

Going back through my friends list for all the people who posted about it so they can at least see...
Doh, can't code this morning. Link to tests is
Thanks for that, that was interesting to see.
I'm not too worried about it. People have always been free to link to my posts that aren't locked and I've never worried about it before. If people on Facebook/Twitter share links as well, who am I to tell them no if I don't have the content locked to begin with. I will not connect my own Facebook account to LJ since that is real me and not fanfic me. By not doing that, people will only come back to fanfic me and not real me so I don't really see an issue with it.

It's not like people couldn't already copy/paste or link to unlocked content anyway. The only difference is with the ping back feature you get to see when/where links are happening. Something that I actually find kind of cool because I already do that with my website statistics and found a small group of people on some miscellaneous forum praising my fanart in a thread.
All of my posts are essentially locked except fic. I don't mind linking to fic, but to locked content I do.

I'm aware that people can cut and paste as they please, but this is more of an awareness post in situations where some people might simply think it's okay because I haven't said otherwise.