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Drabble Meme Response

jo_anne_storm asked for a drabble set in the future of the Fragile Existence 'Verse showing a snippet of the life/friendship of Dawn and Jack.


I apologise in advance. Once I read the request I couldn't write anything but this. I am also proud to say that I managed to write this in exactly 100 words. Enjoy Jo! *huggles*

Drabble: Open
'Verse: Fragile Existence
Author: laney_1974
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Buffy and Angel people belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy. The Stargate people belong to Gekko Productions, Double Secret Productions, MGM/UA, Showtime/Viacom.
Spoilers/Timeline: None for any shows and none for the fic because it's set when they're both 37 so it spoils nothing.

“I thought I’d be better at this the second time round.”

Dawn was grateful the room was too dark for Jack to see her tears.

“I thought I did everything right,” Jack continued, “I was honest. I figured if she knew up front there was a part of me I would never be able to share with her, that we’d be all right, you know?”

Yeah, she knew.

“I shared more with her than I ever did with Sara.”

He had been more open with his soon to be ex-wife. The problem was...

He’d been even more open with Dawn.

~ End ~

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